Monday, November 29, 2010

ZALDASTANI Tip 6: It Is Not About Who You Know, But Who Knows You!

Do you know:  It is not effective or efficient to reach out to a traditional mailing list, in today's New Media Marketplace.

Tip 6:  In building community, it is less about your email list, your contacts list, or the people you know, and more about attracting community members that are interested in what you offer.  We are all tired of getting emails, calls, or talking to people about things we do not care about.  However, we love hearing about things that we do care about.  We live in a world were one can easily make our interests known.  Therefore, as you build your community focus on importing interested, like-minded members.  Focus not on "who" is in your community, but "why" they are interested in your company/opportunity.

Bottom line:  It Is Not About Who You Know, But Who Knows You!

Nicholas Zaldastani

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