Monday, November 29, 2010

ZALDASTANI Tip 6: It Is Not About Who You Know, But Who Knows You!

Do you know:  It is not effective or efficient to reach out to a traditional mailing list, in today's New Media Marketplace.

Tip 6:  In building community, it is less about your email list, your contacts list, or the people you know, and more about attracting community members that are interested in what you offer.  We are all tired of getting emails, calls, or talking to people about things we do not care about.  However, we love hearing about things that we do care about.  We live in a world were one can easily make our interests known.  Therefore, as you build your community focus on importing interested, like-minded members.  Focus not on "who" is in your community, but "why" they are interested in your company/opportunity.

Bottom line:  It Is Not About Who You Know, But Who Knows You!

Nicholas Zaldastani

Monday, November 22, 2010

ZALDASTANI Tip 5: Your Community Drives your Referral Marketing Success

Do you know:  The most cost effective way to attract new customers is Referral Marketing

Tip 5:  With a well established and maintained community surrounding your business, your referral marketing will sore.  Take the time to create and manage your community.  It is not the number of individuals or companies in your community.  It is the number of quality, well-aligned community members and how well you cultivate your community.  Good communities understand your product and service offerings and are your most effect salesforce.  With referral marketing, it is about the quality of the message and the credentials of the community member delivering the message.  Referral Marketing and the building of our communities takes time; but you will find these to be critical to growing a business in today's markets.

Bottom line:  Your Community Drives your Referral Marketing Success

Nicholas Zaldastani

Thursday, November 18, 2010

ZALDASTANI Tip 4: Focus on Building Community

Do you know:  The most cost effective way to attract new customers is by surrounding your business with a solid community of Customers, Partners, Investors, and Employees both past and present.

Tip 4:  The success of companies today is driven by the strength of the community that you and your company has established and continues to develop.  The media industry has known this for years.  Disney was a master!  It was Walt Disney who reached out personally every Sunday at 7:30 pm; establishing, promoting, and expanding his community.  Everything at Disney is about the cultivation of its brand with its community.  To build community you need a system brings together your website, call center, sales teams, and media events. 

Bottom line: Focus on Building a Community around your Business

Nicholas Zaldastani

Monday, November 8, 2010

ZALDASTANI Tip 3: Calculated Risk Taking = Success

Do you know: Great entrepreneurs are risk takers but stay focused on the end result.

Tip 3: Go after a reachable, big idea.  Then just as Dorothy did in the Wizard of OZ, start down your yellow brick road with aligned focus.  Stay on track, by constantly testing your ideas, products, and services with your customers.  Don't let dreams of grandeur replace the required brick to brick progress.

Bottom line: Experiment Small - Don't Get Ahead of Yourself

Nicholas Zaldastani

Thursday, November 4, 2010

ZALDASTANI Tip 2: Remember the Investor is Getting a Great Opportunity

Do you know: Investors make an assessment within the first 5 minutes of an investment presentation.

Tip 2: If you have a great idea or company, an investor is fortunate to be invited to participate. There is no need to be nervous. Show the confidence you have in yourself and your company. And most importantly, have fun.

Bottom line: As an entrepreneur, when raising capital, if you are doing things correctly you are doing an investor a favor.

Nicholas Zaldastani

Monday, November 1, 2010

ZALDASTANI Tip 1: Passion and Commitment

Do you know: Venture Capitalist reject 98% of the business deal presented to them.

Tip 1: Never let a "No" get in the way of your success. Even after all of Walt Disney's successes in the late forties and early fifties, he experienced bankruptcy and could not raise funds for Disneyland, but he endured and build an institution. Disney said it best, "If you can dream it, you can do it."

Bottom line: Passion and commitment are two of the most important ingredients to a great entrepreneur and a great investment opportunity.

Nicholas Zaldastani